dear diary,

let's be leonard is a self-described pretty decent band that can write a not-too-bad song and put on a hmm-alright sure kinda show.


(in haiku)

i am leonard so

are you everyone i know

is winnie the pooh


All of us here really believe in stuff kinda like that, mostly due to the fact that the group has been tolerated on stages all over america since 2015.

there was a pink schoolbus for years but all of a sudden recently, it went bye-bye.

alas, now everybody can drive the car!

also somewhere in our memoir we released music and even made a movie together (recommendable)

also there are so many friends now who like music! juicebox jammerz they get called sometimes. maybe other times they get called feelers. still, also, everyone does math too.

the band is currently having extended snow days cause they live in a cold hemisphere. sometimes we come out and make snowmans but we are mostly nearby our igloos.  rest assured, playtime is coming in a city near you! 


this is the names part:

matthew griffin - guitar hero

karl bertrand - player 2 (still playing guitar hero)

connor dunn - shiny brass saxophones

chris cronin - bass god

paul guay - hits stuff with sticks


now you are special person. Hi, Leonard :)