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Let's Be Leonard is an indie-jazz fusion quintet from Saratoga Springs, NY. They've been kicking it steady since 2015, a year that also saw their first record release and the beginning of steady regional touring throughout the American Northeast.

Leonard's influences lie in the jazz greats, indie music's finest selections, and the warm pull of a hearty, happy community. The group entertains through the works of four different singer-songwriters, each of them offering new moods, feelings, and genres to each nights performance. 

 "COW.", the groups first record, received some notable attention from Relix Magazine and a bunch more from their local crowd of friends and family. The support allowed the band to begin travelling much further in their flagship pink school bus turned tour home. Since then they've seen the cowboys in Texas and the beach bums in San Jose, CA, as well as plenty more kinda folk all across the states. 

Throughout the past year Leonard has been investing loads of time and energy in their next official release, 'Static'. The sophomore record is due out in July of 2018 and is 100% gonna blow your freakin' mind.

“Listeners are sure to find themselves wrapped up in the groove with a good head bob – the universal body language for “I’m digging this!” The young band has gone beyond having just potential, they sound like the real thing.” - Erin Clary, NYS Music

"Keep an eye on Let’s Be Leonard. COW. is a debut that these young dudes should be proud of. They’ve put out a whole product. The songwriting stands on its own — no overproduction or pitch processing, no frills, bells or whistles. Just good organic rock with a character and voice of its own." - Patrick Daley, The Chronicle



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